Welcome to Tea Land

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you add an element of role-playing to a transport tycoon game? Of course you have.

Tea Land is the answer!

What are we talking about?

You should play Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe, just like everyone else should. Because it's the best computer game ever invented, bar none. It's free, available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and more. You'll find it in Steam for easy download, and soon you'll see your hours of play time of the game clock into the triple digits. This is a game where you run a transport company, with whatever personal goal you might have.

All of this is possible to do in single player mode, but all the more fun on a multiplayer server.

Enter Tea Land

This is a dedicated public server listed in the multiplayer section of the game. If you don't see it, or the hundreds of other public servers running, simply click "Search internet" and watch the wonderful worlds of OpenTTD fill your screen.

What's special about Tea Land? First of all tea, of course. The server will always use the Tea Tea Deluxe mod, because the inclusion of tea makes any game 1000% better. Tea Land also exists in a time pocket of parallel universes. It runs from the year 1950 to 2050 and then restarts with a new map, although time is paused if no player is connected. Whatever the map looks like for the moment you are in the country of Tea Land. Names of towns are generated from a list which is sufficiently short that you'll recognise names from previous incarnations now and then.

What about that role-playing thingy?

There's no need to role-play in any way. This part mostly happens outside of the actual gaming. "How?", you ask. Through the Tea Land Times newspaper. This is a timeless in-game publication that documents parts of what's going on in Tea Land from the perspective of people living there. It has interviews with CEOs, locals, experts, and other fictional characters.

Your voluntary contribution to this element of the game is to send tips of events or even full notices or articles to the editor prepending the subject with "[Tea Land Times]" to be certain to bypass the spam filter.

New issues of the paper are published irregularly, and the texts are written in a time agnostic manner to always be semi-relevant.

This is really all the information you need to play. Now stop wasting your time here and start playing!

The server is a Raspberry Pi 3B+

This means it has somewhat modest specs, but so far it appears to be more than enough.